Freeway Sound Wall Noise Cancellation Strategy – Want to Save On National Health Care Costs?

You might not realize this but vibrational noise energy causes disease, it also causes cancer, and causes the cells in your body to vibrate at unnatural frequencies. You might think that all this is nonsense, but it’s not, that’s how it all works. Ambient noise is not good for your health and the louder and more obnoxious the worse it is. Those who live near airports and freeways need to really be careful, make sure they get lots of sleep and stay healthy so they don’t compromise their immune systems. Okay so, let’s talk about freeway noise.

You see, I believe we can eliminate most all of it from freeway adjacent neighborhoods. No, it won’t be cheap, and it’s definitely not free, but it is possible. Indeed, I can remember as a young man hiking on trails and mountains above the canyon and listening to a train go by below. Every once in a while the vibrations and noise from the train would be canceled out by the noise bouncing off the opposite side of the canyon wall. The two different sounds would cancel each other out. That is to say; the direct line of sight noise, and the noise which was ricocheted.

The other day, I was talking to a Wi-Fi consultant about new technology which allowed Wi-Fi signals to train themselves, and allow them to relay the signal using a honeycomb shaped device. Now then, what if we took the sound walls of a freeway and used a similar honey cone shaped devices and put up on a second sound wall. Between the two sound walls we have the exact information needed to put forth a noise canceling sound preventing the noise from disrupting anyone on the other side or away from the freeway.

Further, I believe we can use the vibrational energy and cell to help power up the device which makes the second noise to cancel out the first. How possible is this? From a physics standpoint and for anyone who is an acoustic engineer it is completely possible, and there is nothing in the laws of physics which would prevent us from doing this. How expensive with the equipment be? How well would it work? It would work fairly well, and although it wouldn’t prevent 100%, most of the noise would be canceled out.

It seems that the Department of Energy (DOE) gives out lots of guaranteed taxpayer loans for alternative energy vehicles, research, and all sorts of other things. I believe they should put this on the list. They are always spending money on research and studies for quieter concrete to make the roads out of so they don’t make noise. Why not take it all to the next step? This would improve our quality of life and save us a ton of money on health care insurance and our national health care costs. Please consider all this and think on it.

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Ways to Reduce Health Care Costs

Preventive care, preventive care, preventive care!

It’s hard to stress the importance of preventive care. But if you’re worried about your health care costs it’s the easiest way to potentially help lower your health care costs.

Get your annual physical exam.

The nurse and physician will check your blood pressure, height and weight, cholesterol, check to see if you are updated on your vaccines and test you for sexually transmitted diseases, if you so chose. The simple check-up will make sure you are in good overall health.

Practice self-exams, avoid reactive care.

If you notice a growth, lump, or just something that wasn’t there before and has not gone away over a period of time, get it checked out. Don’t wait six months, go now. Specialty doctors are more expensive than a family doctor, and some times a family doctor can diagnose the problem. However, if you need to be seen by a specialty doctor, the family doctor will be able to give you a recommendation.

Save the emergency room for emergencies.

If you have a cold, see if you can remedy it with soup, over-the-counter medicine and rest. Going immediately to the emergency room will undoubtedly be more expensive than a visit to your local pharmacy or primary care physician.

Take care of your body now.

A healthy diet full of nutrient-dense foods and regular exercise could drive down your health care costs over time. You could save money on prescription drugs and frequent doctor visits because of ongoing illnesses caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

Eating healthy and getting more exercise doesn’t mean joining an expensive gym or shopping at specialty food stores. You can make changes to your life today by starting small and working towards attainable goals. If you know you need to quit smoking, cut back first and make a gradual change before going cold turkey. Add a whole fruit or vegetable to your diet, and instead of a mixed drink have beer or wine. Buy foods in their natural state versus pre-packaged foods. Instead of elevators, take the stairs. Instead of letting your dog out in the backyard, take her for a walk. Spend time with your family at a park or even the mall instead of in front of your television.

A healthy lifestyle will not only help drive down your health care costs, but will most likely, make you happier.

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